Are You Prepared?


Be Prepared for Pet Emergencies

Your pet can become ill or injured suddenly, and because your pet can't tell you directly what's wrong, you'll need the help of a veterinarian who is trained to recognize health problems in cats and dogs. The Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region in Cambridge, Ontario, is the place to go when your pet has an emergency. Always keep the number and address of a couple of animal hospital locations handy so that you can get help straight away, instead of fishing around for contact information.

What to Do in an Emergency Involving Your Pet

If your pet is injured or ill, you need to get help fast. Be aware that a pet in distress could bite or scratch if you approach them.

If you see blood, find the wound and apply direct pressure. Use a clean cloth or bandage.

If the pet appears to have a broken or otherwise hurting limb, be extremely careful when moving the pet into a crate for transport to the vet. If possible, call us first to get more specific instructions for successfully moving the pet. Add a blanket to the carrier to help cushion your pet's body.

If your pet has eaten something it shouldn't have, find the container or get a description from people who may have seen what the animal ate. Our vets will need as much detail as possible.

Bring the pet to the animal hospital as soon as you can. If you're driving there, watch out for potholes and sudden braking as these can jolt the pet.

The staff at our hospital will try to take care of your pet as soon as they can. Note that if you come at a busy time, the staff will have to triage -- and they could let other pets in before yours. Do not worry; the staff needs to first handle those cases that they deem the most medically urgent, but they try to see all animals as quickly as possible.

Our vets will examine your pet and discuss treatment with you, and you will receive a breakdown of costs for the appointment and any further stay for the pet in the hospital.

Keep Our Phone Number Nearby

If your pet needs help, searching for a phone number is the last way you want to spend your time. Keep the phone number for the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region in Cambridge, Ontario, near your phone at home and programmed into your cell phone. Dial (519) 650-1617 to connect with veterinarians who can help heal your pet.


Feedback from our clients

  • "My girl had a life threatening illness and they saw her promptly and they were very honest but friendly. They made a positive experience out of an otherwise horrendous time... and they were more affordable than a standard animal hospital! I would give this place 10 stars if I could."
    Chelsea M.
  • "I recently had to take my cat in to the Emergency Vet Clinic of Waterloo, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone."
    Mike M.