Fights With Other Animals

If you are a dog or cat owner, and your pet was recently involved in a fight with another animal, emergency care is likely needed to remedy any injuries sustained. Give a call to Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region if you live in the Cambridge, Ontario area to meet with our veterinarian immediately. Here is some information about injuries due to fights, how to avoid them, and how to treat them with proper veterinary care from our animal hospital if they occur.


Examine Signs of Fight Injuries

If you were not around to witness a fight taking place between your pet and another animal, knowing signs of a possible problem is necessary so you can get proper treatment for injuries as needed. If your pet has lacerations from being bitten or scratched, areas where bleeding is noticeable, or spots where fur is missing on their body then there is a high chance of fight with another animal have happened. Pets may have missing pieces of skin from the ears or other spots where an animal was able to grasp on to their body during a fight. It’s important to fully examine your pet to assess the seriousness of the injuries.

Help Your Pet Avoid Fights

It is best to keep your dog or cat inside of your home or under your watchful supervision if they spend time outdoors. Consider fencing in a portion of your yard for your pet so outsiders are not able to come in close contact with your pet. If wild animals are a problem where you live, make sure you keep your trash in your garage or shed so they are less likely to frequent your yard where they could potentially meet your dog or cat.

What to Do If Your Pet Is Involved In a Fight

If you discover your pet was involved in a fight, it is best to contact our veterinarian immediately so they can have a checkup conducted at the hospital. Because other animals could have diseases, it is important to have your pet tested during their evaluation if they are not up-to-date on their immunizations. Our veterinarian will treat any injuries your pet is suffering from. This may require a surgical procedure if an injury is severe. Medication may also be necessary to help relieve any pain or discomfort your pet is experiencing as a result of their injuries.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If your pet is involved in a fight with another animal, getting emergency treatment quickly is extremely important. If you are located in the Cambridge, Ontario area, contact Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region to meet with our veterinary team. Give us a call at (519) 650-1617 to alert us of the problem and to get directions.


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