Kidney Failure in Cats

Cat Kidney Failure Information form Our Cambridge Emergency Veterinarian

It is important that pet owners are able to recognize the signs that their cat's kidneys are failing so that you can contact our Cambridge emergency vet. Cat kidney failure is common both in young kittens and adult cats. With proper care from your regular veterinarian, kidney diseases can be diagnosed early and maintained. However, should your cat be suffering from an emergency situation, Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region can provide expceitonal treatment for your cat.

Cat getting tested for kidney failure.

Causes of Cat Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a serious condition in cats. In some cases, a cat's kidneys can fail with age. In most cases, older cats suffer from chronic kidney failure. Younger cats can also experience kidney failure due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Trauma such as a broken pelvis or a burst bladder
  • Rapid dehydration due to hot weather or vomiting and diarrhea
  • Kidney infection
  • A blockage in the kidney
  • Heart failure that causes low blood pressure

Symptoms of Cat kidney Failure

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to successfully treat the problem. A few of the signs to look for include:

  • Frequent urination: If you find that your cat's litter box is messier than usual or if the cat is urinating outside of her litter box, you should bring her to an animal hospital in Cambridge.
  • Excessive drinking: If your cat is drinking more than usual, she may be trying to replace the fluid that she is losing due to her frequent urination.
  • Weight loss: If your cat is suffering from kidney failure, she might lose her appetite and start losing weight.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea: If your cat is vomiting frequently or is she is suffering from diarrhea, you should take her to an animal hospital so they can check for kidney failure.
  • Mouth ulcers: If your cat develops ulcers on her tongue or gums, she may have kidney failure.
  • Dry coat: If your cat's normally shiny coat is dry, kidney failure could be the cause.
  • Weakness: If your cat appear weak and she is being indifferent, you should contact a Cambridge emergency vet immediately for an appointment.

Treating Cat Kidney Failure with our Cambridge Emergency Vets

If your cat is diagnosed with kidney failure and you get her to the vet in time, the treatment can be as simple as changing her diet to taking certain medications. In some cases, IV fluids may be necessary or surgery to remove the blockage. With the proper care, your cat can live a long and happy life.

Contact our Cambridge Emergency Veterinary

If your cat is experiencing any of the symptoms of renal failure, you should contact Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region. Our highly-qualified, Cambridge vets can run the necessary tests to diagnose the problem. Contact us at (519) 650-1617 or visit us at 405 Maple Grove Road #14, Cambridge, Ontario.


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