Pet Eye Infections

Pet Eye Infections and Treatment at Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region

An eye infection in your pet can be scary.  Understanding the signs of an infection, and what to do if you suspect an infection, can go a long way in getting your pet treatment fast.  

cat sitting on blanketsSigns of Eye Infection

The most obvious sign of an infection is if the eye shows some discharge.  This can be anything from excessive tearing to a yellow or white mucus coming from the eye.  Your pet may also paw or scratch at his or her eye if it is uncomfortable.  The eye and the area surrounding the eye may appear red and swollen.  Eye infections can be from any number of sources.  The most common cause of eye infection is allergies closely followed by conjunctivitis.  Chronic eye infections in cats and dogs can be caused by dry eye.  Certain breeds of dogs with flat faces, including pugs and boxers, can be more prone to eye infections than others.

Importance of Treating Eye Infections

If left unchecked eye infections can become very serious.  Infections can not only lead to blindness but can spread to other parts of the body quickly.  If you suspect your cat or dog has an eye infection it is important to get to the veterinarian fast.  Most likely, your veterinarian will do a quick examination to determine the source of infection.  A regiment of eye drops catered to cure the infection will be prescribed.  While it can be tricky to administer eye drops to your pet, adhering to the medication schedule is imperative to make sure your pet recovers from the eye infection.  If your pet is prone to chronic eye infections due to dry eye talk to your veterinarian about preventative eye drops that may help reduce or eliminate the number of eye infections your pet contracts.  

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At the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region, our team of professionals can work to diagnose an eye infection fast.  We are open 24 hours making it easy to have your pet examined and medication prescribed.   We understand eye infections can pop up quickly and can get progressively worse with little or no time at all.  We are conveniently located at 405 Maple Grove Rd, Cambridge, ON N3E 1B6, Canada.  We understand that you can never predict when your cat or dog will become sick so we The Emergency Clinic of Waterloo Region is here to help.  Our office is open 24 hours a day and opens on all statutory holidays.  Call us today at (519) 650-1617 to schedule an appointment.  Our caring team is always on call to help get your pet happy and healthy again.  


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