Pet Hit By Car

What Should You Do if Your Pet Has Been Hit by a Car?

Dog at veterinarian after being hit by car

It's one of your worst nightmares as a pet parent: your cat or dog gets hit by a car. While we hope this never happens to your beloved animal companion, we want you to know that at the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region, we have a full staff of dedicated Cambridge veterinarians who are standing by ready to help. 

What to Do If Your Pet is Hit by a Car

  1. Before approaching your animal, ensure that the environment is safe. You may want to ask available bystanders to help stop or redirect traffic as you get yourself and your pet to a safe area. 
  2. Be aware that hurt animals are often scared, so it's normal for them to bite, scratch, or show aggression. Understandably, you may be scared as well! But do your best to approach your cat or dog calmly using a soothing voice. If you have a blanket or jacket, it may be helpful to gently wrap your animal in it. If you need to for your own safety, you can use a sock, leash, scarf or similar item to gently create a makeshift muzzle over the animal's mouth (e.g., if it attempts to bite), but do not do this if your pet appears to have trouble breathing.
  3. Your pet will need to be brought to the hospital—even if it has no obvious injuries—and if the animal can't walk, you'll need to carry it to a car. Be gentle lifting small and medium-sized animals, and consider using a blanket or another person to help lift and move a large breed dog. 
  4. If you can do so safely, call the nearest emergency veterinary clinic as you're on your way. This will allow the triage team to prepare for your pet's arrival. Be prepared to answer questions over the phone such as the details of the accident, if there are any obvious injuries, how your pet is behaving, and your estimated arrival time. 
  5. At our clinic, our Waterloo emergency veterinarian team will employ whatever services are needed to save your pet's life and/or keep it as comfortable as possible. Treatments may include emergency surgery, diagnostic imaging, pain medications, and additional follow-up services (depending on what your pet will need in order to recover and rehabilitate from its injuries). We'll be assessing for (and treating as indicated) common frank trauma injuries such as broken bones, skin lacerations, internal bleeding, and head trauma. These services are provided in a professional environment by staff members who are committed to treating both humans and animals alike with the utmost respect, dignity, and compassion!

Was Your Pet Just Hit By a Car? Get in Touch with an Emergency Veterinarian in Waterloo Region

Has your animal been injured in an accident? Contact an emergency veterinarian in Waterloo immediately at (519) 650-1617. We also advise you to save our number in your phone so you always have it handy in the event of a pet emergency of any kind!



Feedback from our clients

  • "My girl had a life threatening illness and they saw her promptly and they were very honest but friendly. They made a positive experience out of an otherwise horrendous time... and they were more affordable than a standard animal hospital! I would give this place 10 stars if I could."
    Chelsea M.
  • "I recently had to take my cat in to the Emergency Vet Clinic of Waterloo, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone."
    Mike M.