Pet Medical Services

Welcome to Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region!

No one wants to have a pet go through any pain. So here at our Cambridge Emergency Veterinary clinic, we offer many pet services that will provide the best care for your beloved companions. The Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region provides convenient hours for clients and their pets, even in the middle of the night! We know that sometimes accidents or injuries are unexpected. So we offer our very best pet services to those who need it most.   Our clinic also services the local areas of Guelph, Waterloo, and Kitchener.

Welcome to Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region!

Our Pet Services we offer

Whether your pet has been hit by a car or is suffering from heatstroke, the clinic is here to help. Even if the care is not visible to the naked eye, we will help diagnose your pet's condition and provide the best treatment plan going forward. Below is a short list of the pet services we offer in more detail.

    • Chronic illness management- an example of chronic illness in pets is kidney failure. Sometimes it’s hard to notice, since it creeps up over time. You should watch your pet's water intake and if they are urinating properly.
    • X-ray and Radiology for diagnosis- At Cambridge Emergency Veterinary Clinic at Waterloo, we provide state-of-the-art technology for all your pet’s needs.
    • Intensive care- From poison ingestion to infections to bites from other animals, they all need special treatment from one of our devoted veterinarians.
    • Trauma care and treatment- Trauma can be stressful, even for animals. Staying by their side can relieve the pressure of a traumatic event. Even if you are not here, we will stay by and support them for you.
    • Surgery with anesthesia- Sometimes surgery is the only hope to heal a pet. We here at Cambridge emergency clinic, we will take care of your loved ones by providing the best urgent care and clinical training to our staff. We will deliver to you efficient and effective results of all your pets.

Why You Should Choose Us

As a member of the Ontario Veterinary medical Association, we stand firm on Devotion, Honesty, and Advocacy. Our offices are accessible and just one phone away for emergency consultations. If you have any questions about treatments or specific urgent care, please don't hesitate to reach out. We care for the overall well-being of your pet, so give us a call today! You can reach us at (519) 650-1617.


Feedback from our clients

  • "My girl had a life threatening illness and they saw her promptly and they were very honest but friendly. They made a positive experience out of an otherwise horrendous time... and they were more affordable than a standard animal hospital! I would give this place 10 stars if I could."
    Chelsea M.
  • "I recently had to take my cat in to the Emergency Vet Clinic of Waterloo, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone."
    Mike M.